Our Label Services

We offer many tried and tested label solutions that our clients can trust and rely on.

Thermal Label Specialists

All direct thermal and thermal transfer labels are made with the best quality papers available to ensure optimum printhead life, image durability and maximum barcode first-read rates. Extra care is taken with all the little things that ensure trouble-free performance in your thermal printers, such as dust-free die-cutting and edge-trimming, the use of smudge-proof UV inks, and the removal of all mill-splices which are potentially fatal to printheads

Records Management Labels

Our three-tiered quality control program provides detailed inspections at key points throughout the production process in order to deliver the level of accuracy required when supplying first class products – no exceptions. This well-established quality control system has been externally certified to ISO9001:2008 standards, thus ensuring an even greater level of consistency and reliability than ever before. And we source raw materials from the finest suppliers around the world to produce the most dependable labels your money can buy.

Customer Service Labels

Elna Press’ diverse range of presses ensures that we have the flexibility to schedule print runs in the most economical configuration to guarantee the lowest cost possible for the quality of finish desired. The presses range from those perfectly suited to the quick set-up of short-run jobs, through to the largest presses which are ideal for very long runs or large format labels. With most support functions performed in-house, cost and response times are kept to a minimum